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18 October 2019

#RegalZombieScheme - Regal Transforms Into "ReGhoul" With Trial Employment Of Zombies

"After a ghouling hiring process, Regal is exploring the possibility of placing zombies at all theatres across the nation..."
"After a ghouling hiring process, Regal is exploring the possibility of placing zombies at all theatres across the nation..." (image via
Regal announced its transformation to "ReGhoul," a zombie employment program that will debut across select theatres nationwide. Launching in conjunction with the release of Sony Pictures' Zombieland: Double Tap today, Oct. 18, the arrangements were made by Regal in attempt to engage the zombie community.
"We are dead-icated to bringing a diverse and inclusive workforce into our theatres with the trial employment of zombies," said Richard Grover, Vice President of Communications. "Regal offers an array of career opportunities and ensures the best for its employees. It thrills us to provide customers with to-die-for customer satisfaction and cinematic experiences."
In anticipation of one of the biggest film releases this month, Zombieland: Double Tap, starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, zombie shifts will begin tonight. Each zombie will be expected to conduct a multitude of jobs, including those at the concession stand, box office and in theatre upkeep.
After a ghouling hiring process, Regal is exploring the possibility of placing zombies at all theatres across the nation. Regal encourages guests to visit and share their experience on social media using #RegalZombieScheme.
Zombieland: Double Tap:
Zombieland: Double Tap:

About Zombieland: Double Tap: 

A decade after Zombieland became a hit film and a cult classic, the lead cast (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone) have reunited with director Ruben Fleischer (Venom) and the original writers Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick (Deadpool) for Zombieland: Double Tap

In the sequel, written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick and Dave Callaham, through comic mayhem that stretches from the White House and through the heartland, these four slayers must face off against the many new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors. 

But most of all, they have to face the growing pains of their own snarky, makeshift family.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer. Written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick and Dave Callaham. Produced by Gavin Polone. Executive Producers Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese, Rebecca Rivo, Ruben Fleischer, David Bernad, Jack Heller and Doug Belgrad. The film stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Rosario Dawson, Zoey Deutch and Luke Wilson.


The Trailer:

27 September 2019

Rodeo FX Reveals The Visual Effects Behind The Monsters Of 'Stranger Things 3'

'Stranger Things 3' - The  Mind Flayer
'Stranger Things 3' - The Mind Flayer
Rodeo FX, lead vendor on the record-breaking third season of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, is set to release three behind-the-scenes videos on October 2 that break down the visual effects that brought all the season's creatures and monsters to life. Inspired by the iconic title creature from The Thing, the Duffer Brothers' vision of the season's terrifying Mind Flayer was modeled and animated by the Rodeo FX team. The team also delivered complex visual effects for environments, matter and substances, including imploding rats and moving goop.

From previs and look development to compositing, the Rodeo FX team worked on the seven effects-rich episodes of the eight-episode season. VFX Supervisor Martin Pelletier led almost 200 artists over 13 months to deliver above 400 shots, hundreds of CG assets, and all the new season's CG creatures.
"After watching the first season of Stranger Things, I remember thinking that I had to work on that show one day," said VFX Supervisor Martin Pelletier. "The third season was such a treat to be a part of. Working with the Duffer Brothers is a remarkable experience. They are really enthusiastic and it's incredible to witness their creative process."
On set in Atlanta, and later at the post-production office in Los Angeles, Martin Pelletier met with VFX Supervisor Paul Graff and the Duffer Brothers on multiple occasions to discuss the artistic and technical challenges of bringing the season's epic monsters to life.

This marks an important achievement for the VFX house, which paved its way in the industry following three Emmy wins for its work on HBO's groundbreaking Game of Thrones. Having established its expertise in creature and animation work on It, Paddington 2, Bumblebee, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, among others, Rodeo FX was tasked by Netflix with raising the bar with new monsters.
"Netflix trusted us with the biggest effects for their flagship show, which was both a tremendous honour and a great challenge," said Rodeo FX President Sebastien Moreau. "I'm incredibly proud of how our teams rose to the occasion and delivered truly hair-raising creatures and effects."
The three making-of videos will be unveiled to the media via an exclusive, live, online presentation by VFX Supervisor Martin Pelletier and Animation Supervisor Yvon Jardel on October 1, at 11:00 a.m. (ET). The presentation will showcase the Rodeo FX's work, as well as feature anecdotes and stories from their team's collaboration with the Duffer Brothers.

Rodeo FX reveals the visual effects behind the monsters of Stranger Things 3
Rodeo FX reveals the visual effects behind the monsters of Stranger Things 3 (CNW Group/Rodeo FX)
Click here to access the online presentation on October 1, at 11:00 a.m. (ET)

  • Martin Pelletier and Yvon Jardel will also participate in a Facebook Live on October 2 at 12:00 p.m. (ET), followed by a Reddit AMA at 1:00 p.m.
  • Stranger Things – Season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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26 September 2019

Sam Raimi Returns To New York Comic Con With R-Rated Version Of 'The Grudge'

'The Grudge'
'The Grudge'
In anticipation of Screen Gems' and Stage 6 Films' release of The Grudge on January 3, 2020, the cast and filmmakers will discuss the film for the first time as they address fans on a panel at New York Comic Con. 

The panel includes the film's producer, Sam Raimi, along with director Nicolas Pesce (The Eyes of My Mother, Piercing) and cast members Betty Gilpin ("Glow"), Lin Shaye (Insidious), and Andrea Riseborough. 

  • The panel will take place on Thursday, October 3rd at 4 p.m. ET on the Main Stage at the Javits Center.
"I'm very excited to attend New York Comic Con and there's no better way than to go with this amazing cast and crew," said producer Sam Raimi. "I can't wait to finally share some truly wicked footage with the country's biggest Grudge fans."
The film is directed by Nicolas Pesce, with a screenplay by Nicolas Pesce, and story by Nicolas Pesce and Jeff Buhler based on the film Ju-On: The Grudge written and directed by Takashi Shimizu. Produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Taka Ichise. Executive producers are Nathan Kahane, Erin Westerman, Brady Fujikawa, Andrew Pfeffer, Roy Lee, Doug Davison, John Powers Middleton, and Schuyler Weiss. 

'The Grudge'
'The Grudge'
  • The film stars Andrea Riseborough, Demi├ín Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin, with Lin Shaye and Jacki Weaver.

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23 September 2019

US: Record Numbers Dare to Enter Nation's Haunted Attractions

Most Entertaining Haunted Attractions from left to right: Bates Motel Haunted House, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania; 13th Floor Haunted House, Denver, CO; Haunted Hotel, San Diego, CA; Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, TX; Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House, Cincinnati, OH
A pounding heart, heavy breathing, and cold-shivers from unsettling senses are some of the feelings that entertain haunted house fans by pumping up their adrenaline and releasing screams and laughter. People love a controlled scare for fun. America Haunts, the leading industry association of premiere haunted attractions, reports that the popularity of haunts is growing, especially within mega haunts. These mammoths of scare ushered a record level of visitors in 2018, many exceeding a 9% increase in patrons for the season.

Stirring the spirits to generate crowds takes more than hocus pocus. There is a lot of wicked year-round planning and professional skills needed to entertain and spook the masses. Befittingly, America Haunts recognizes the 5 most entertaining haunted attractions in the U.S. for 2019.

In addition to working late and their penchant for scaring, this group of mega-haunt producers are technological wizards, spooky-set builders, and many of the realistic masks and make-up techniques are their own creations as they are pushed to be better than Hollywood to entertain audiences often just a grasp away.

The top 5 most entertaining haunted houses in the United States are:

  1. Bates Motel Haunted House and Haunted Hayride Philadelphia metro, - Glen Mills, Pennsylvania: This haunt mixes up a triple threat to scare its guests. Aside from the Bates Motel Haunted House, it also has the Haunted Hayride and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail attractions. The realism will make you swear they conjured up dead spirits that elicits visitors to scream with applause throughout this spectacular haunt.
  2. 13th Floor Haunted House Denver, Colorado: One of the world's greatest mysteries is the hidden 13th floor - hidden by building owners but discovered in Denver that goes by elevator straight down. 13th Floor guests witness the unforeseen frights not found anywhere else, plus in 2019 have new attractions: The Other Side, Tales of Unknown, and Clown that promises well-done, scary fun.
  3. Haunted Hotel San Diego metro – Mission Valley, California: There was a "disturbance" in 2019 so wicked that the Haunted Hotel was relocated to bigger digs in Mission Valley - featuring 3 haunted attractions in one location. The undead unearthed by the move are ready to inflict terror at the Haunted Hotel and its hellevator. Kill-billy Chaos, and 3-D Freak-Fest gives even more reason to watch out from this terror-filled place of thrill.
  4. Cutting Edge Fort Worth, Texas: Born from an abandoned meat-packing factory this world-record, largest haunted house packs in horror chills and thrills. Visitors will feel their pulse rise with the dark, rhythmic beats of a nationally acclaimed zombie drum line in this haunt. The Cutting Edge experience includes a cemetery and a Texas-sized swamp where getting out may actually take you six-feet under.
  5. Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House Cincinnati, Ohio: The dark past at Dent Schoolhouse,  where a janitor ended some young lives, makes Dent especially haunting. The looming presence of the spirits in undeniable to all the senses as visitors make their way throughout classrooms, the cafeteria, and more. This school bell conjures up the best cast in the Tri-City's area with help from the supernatural to make this a hands down favorite in the nation for a great night of scares.

About America Haunts:

America Haunts is the national association of top-tier haunted attractions dedicated to excellence in fear-based, sensory entertainment, thrilling more than a million visitors annually. America Haunts' members are recognized for their longevity in the industry, technical expertise, innovative design, and relentless talent with a penchant to generate screams for fun and excitement.

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18 September 2019

Queen of Haunts' Thirteen Top Picks For The Most TERRORific Haunted Attractions In The US

Queen of Haunts, by day Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, presented the TERRORific Haunted Attractions on her 45th seasons
Queen of Haunts, by day Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, presented the TERRORific Haunted Attractions on her 45th seasons
Choosing the best haunted houses in the nation is a labor of love for the Queen of Haunts, also known as Amber Arnett-Bequeaith. She has spent a lifetime in the haunt industry – celebrating forty-five seasons. 

Some of her early memories as a five-year-old was sleeping in a coffin and raising up from it to toss pedals on passersby in her family-owned haunt in Kansas City. The family still owns the haunt it created in 1975, the Edge of Hell, marking it as the nation's oldest operated commercial haunted house. The years following, they expanded to a whole bevy of scare-based attractions including haunts Beast and Macabre Cinema, a ghost and gangsters tour, hayrides, and the Festival of the Full Moon where the Queen of Haunts reigns over scary fun and laughter.

"The most common question I get is what is the best haunted attraction to visit," said the Queen of Haunts. This fright-for-fun expert is quizzed by all types of people – from scare enthusiasts with either a penchant for travel or a bucket-list of thrill goals, or others simply wanting to hear how their local haunt stacks up. While she admits she is hard to scare and knows the inside "tricks of the trade," she favors the haunts where the scares are invented but the fun is for real – best described as "terror-ific".

The United States is a behemoth in the haunt industry, with approximately 1,200 haunts focused on fear-based entertainment – without counting the charity-run, smaller-scale haunts. In the sea of choices, the Queen's picks are sure to cast scares to make fun memories for a lifetime.

The top 13 TERRORific haunted attractions for heart-pounding, hair-raising fun:

  1. Edge of Hell, Kansas City – perhaps close to her beating heart, but this granddaddy of haunts creates a mind-blowing scary experience from heaven to hell and the world's largest serpent is undeniably first-class in fright!
  2. Cutting Edge, Dallas – marches onto the list with the acclaimed zombie drum line and scares that go above and beyond – on the edge of darkness.
  3. Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, Philadelphia – take it from a seasoned haunt expert, a Bates Motel and haunted hayride will leave you scared out of your wits.
  4. Beast, Kansas City – this time travel to the medieval times where an eye for an eye can be vicious and reflects the monster of men and a sensory-experience that includes jumping out a second-story window.
  5. NETHERWORLD, Atlanta – this sprawling one-story haunt has something for everyone to leave you scared to the bone.
  6. Headless Horseman, New York – a legendary haunt that sits among the hills outside New York where the beheaded horseman made that fateful ride and scares the dickens out of those who venture. The presence of horses ramps the scare beyond horse speed.
  7. Macabre Cinema, Kansas City – the haunt for everyone who loves horror movies but wants to be part of the action – it even includes some real horror movie sets. You won't have time for popcorn in this adrenaline-fueled attraction.
  8. Spooky Woods, Greensboro/Highpoint – thrill-seekers are in for a new kind of scare on the Sudden Death Express train ride – giving new meaning to going off the rails!
  9. Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati – mix a horror back-story of an old schoolhouse with extraordinary haunt technology and you'll swear the spirits are present and inflicting terror.
  10. Erebus, Detroit – a time machine that is disguised as a haunted house to make all the visitors actual guinea pig subjects – leaves them trembling with the prospect this research project is scary.
  11. Haunted Hotel, San Diego – relocated to a bigger space opens the door to even more scares. The crowds are sure to be breathless inside a hotel that leads to mayhem and macabre.
  12. 13th Floor, Chicago – the superstitious naturally know to take heed going to the 13th floor - most buildings hide the floor from access. The adventure into Chicago's 13th floor will make everyone a believer in this dark reality.
  13. 13th Gate, Baton Rouge – Wrapped in history and the eeriness of the dead above ground in mausoleums makes it all the more believable that the nightmare inside these gates will raise the hairs on your neck.

31 July 2019

The Unrated Version Of Rob Zombie's Horror Sequel '3 From Hell' To Be Unleashed On Big Screens Across The U.S. For Three Nights Only

'3 From Hell'
'3 From Hell'
Horror icon and heavy metal mastermind Rob Zombie is unleashing "3 From Hell" on big screens across the U.S. as a follow-up to "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects," and the latest installment in the blood-soaked Firefly family trilogy. 
The film will be released in cinemas nationwide over three nights, September 16-18, featuring the unrated version and unique special content nightly.
  • Night one, moviegoers will see a special video introduction from Rob Zombie with the first 50 attendees at each theater receiving an exclusive poster (while supplies last). 
  • Night two, audiences will be treated to a nearly 30-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. 
  • Night three, moviegoers will experience the ultimate double feature including "3 From Hell" and "The Devil's Rejects."
Lionsgate, Saban Films and Fathom Events present "3 From Hell" in nearly 900 select movie theaters on September 16, 17 and 18 at 7:00 p.m.local time each night. 

  • For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).
"Whether it's creating visionary music or epic opuses of horror on the screen, Rob Zombie is a master at giving his loyal fans what they want," said Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt. "We're pleased to continue to partner with Rob and share this long-anticipated final chapter of the trilogy with audiences nationwide."
"3 From Hell" was written and directed by Rob Zombie, who also produced alongside CC Capital Arts Entertainment's Mike Elliot. Greg Holstein and Saban Films' Jonathan Saba are executive producers.

Saban Films and Rob Zombie previously partnered with Fathom Events in a successful theatrical event for Rob Zombie's 31.

  • Tickets for "3 From Hell" are now available at and participating theater box offices.

SOURCE: Fathom Events

9 July 2019

Morena Baccarin Animated Horror Feature "To Your Last Death" World Premiere Set for Frightfest UK

To Your Last Death
To Your Last Death
Coverage Ink Films' 2-D animated horror film "To Your Last Death," starring the voice talents of Morena Baccarin, Dani Lennon, Ray Wise, Bill Moseley, and William Shatner, will premiere at the 20th anniversary celebration of London's Frightfest, the UK's largest international genre festival, Friday, August 23rd, 2019

"To Your Last Death" is the first-ever US-made 2-D animated horror movie. The indie production took years to produce and was painstakingly hand-drawn. 

This groundbreaking animated horror/sci-fi mash-up starts where many horror films end: with the final survivor working her way out of the wreckage after a night of terror – only to be sent back in time to do it all over again by a mysterious, supernatural entity known only as the Gamemaster (Baccarin.) Only this time, our survivor has foreknowledge to give her a fighting chance to save her family.
Morena Baccarin as the Gamemaster.
Morena Baccarin as the Gamemaster.
Directed by Jason Axinn, "To Your Last Death" features a cast of genre luminaries including Emmy nominee Baccarin ("Gotham," "Deadpool," "Homeland,") Ray Wise ("Twin Peaks," "Robocop",) Bill Moseley (Rob Zombie's upcoming "3 from Hell," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre II") and the legendary William Shatner ("Star Trek,") who acts as guide through this harrowing journey.
"You have no idea what you're in for," said Axinn. "This film will knock you on your ass."
"If you can make people feel that they could die horribly," said Shatner, "that's scary. That's close to the bone."

The Trailer

11 March 2019

Experience The Cult Horror Game, "White Day," Through VR In The Latest Title: "White Day: Courage Test"

Experience the cult horror game, "White Day," through VR.
Experience the cult horror game, "White Day," through VR.
Initially released in 2001, White Day -- A Labyrinth Named School, is a renowned cult horror classic game, which is now making a comeback as a VR game. Sonnori has announced that it will be launching a new title in the White Day series: White Day: Courage Test.

The White Day series was initially released as a PC game in 2001. It was also released as a paid mobile app, which has had over 600,000 downloads. The White Day series was also released for PS4 and Steam.

  • Specifically designed for VR theme parks, White Day: Courage Test has been developed using the latest Unreal Engine and VR optimized game play to be a motion-based game providing an extremely immersive experience.
When the game begins, the player is a student who has entered the school at night as a part of a school club's test of courage. He/she explores the school, looking for various hidden items, while also trying to find the way out of the school. Strange things begin to happen during game play.

With a focused composition optimized for VR theme parks and programmed "randomness," White Day: Courage Test offers fresh entertainment for repeat players. 

Also, the visual and sound effects that perfectly recreate a school at night provide horror-filled fun that differentiates White Day from other VR horror games.

White Day: Courage Test features a tutorial that guides the player from the start about how to play the game, eliminating the need for training staff and making game operation in VR theme parks a lot easier.

  • White Day: Courage Test differs from normal VR theme park games because only one person can wear the VR head-mounted display (HMD). However, in White Day: Courage Test, users can interact with other players during game play. Secondary players can hide or move objects in the game via a wirelessly connected tablet PC, getting in the way of the main player or challenging the main player to a battle of wits. 
White Day: Courage Test is a new game that aims to maximize the attraction of the White Day series. Its quality outranks any horror game that may be enjoyed in the general VR theme park. Users can uniquely interact with other users through the "dual play" setting. 
An official at Sonnori said, "Currently, we are focusing on sales of the B2B version for the VR theme park. We have tested it in Korea over the past year and it has been upgraded into a more stable version. We will work with our international partners to distribute the game globally."
 Visit the White Day: Courage Test Introduction Page for more info.

SOURCE: Sonnori

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19 February 2019

PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 Launch "Zombie: Survive Till Dawn" Gameplay Mode

PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 Launch "Zombie: Survive Till Dawn" Gameplay Mode - First Resident Evil Crossover With Mobile Game Launching Around The World
PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 Launch "Zombie: Survive Till Dawn" Gameplay Mode - First Resident Evil Crossover With Mobile Game Launching Around The World
Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp.) announced today the launch of a new gameplay mode called "Zombie: Survive till Dawn", a crossover collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2. 

In late 2018 PUBG Mobile announced the cross-branding partnership with Capcom's game Resident Evil 2 at the PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE 2018 Global Finals. The announcement generated significant interest and culminated in the launch of this new gameplay mode.
The gameplay will feature three days and two nights in one 30-minute round that features 60 players within the usual PUBG Mobile game structure. Players will encounter multiple types of zombies from the Resident Evil series such as Police, Licker and G1 as well as other zombies created by the PUBG Mobile team.
As Survive till Dawn turns from day through dusk and into night time, the zombies become considerably more aggressive and will pose a significant challenge for PUBG Mobile players. 
  • During the day players can defeat zombies from long range and conduct farming. 
  • Dusk preps the players for fighting as zombies become more dangerous and visibility drops.
  • Night time sees the zombies become enraged and players will have limited PvP engagements due to very low visibility. 
  • The legendary Resident Evil 2 characters G (Stage 1) and Tyrant will also appear through random spawning during night time. 
  • Also, players can win Leon and Claire skin sets, and Ada and Marvin costumes in-game, which are all popular characters in Resident Evil 2.
"Our Resident Evil 2 partnership announcement generated a lot of buzz in the media and among both games' rabid fan bases," said Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Center, Tencent. "We're thrilled to launch Survive till Dawn, a new gameplay mode that offers the very best of our two game platforms. The Resident Evil series is iconic among gamers and we anticipate incredible support for this gameplay that pushes players to survive a night of terror."

PUBG Mobile has enjoyed unprecedented success since its launch, exceeding 30 million daily active users and 200 million downloads in just eight months. In 2018, PUBG Mobile took home multiple awards and nominations, just eight months after the game's release. 

The game earned three awards at the Google Play Awards last month, including "Best Game." It also won the "Mobile Game of the Year" award at the 2018 Golden Joysticks and received nominations from The Game Awards and the App Store.

About Resident Evil:

The Resident Evil franchise features survival horror games in which players utilize a variety of weapons and other items to escape terrifying situations. 

Cumulative sales of the games in the series now total 88 million units* since the first title debuted in 1996. More than 20 years later, support from the passionate fan base across the globe even today makes it Capcom's flagship game series. 

Originally released in 1998, Resident Evil 2 went on to achieve cumulative sales of 4.96 million units, making it the fourth best-selling game in the Resident Evil franchise. 

The new Resident Evil 2 has shipped 3 million units* globally since it was released in January. 

*As of January 28, 2019

  • Title: Resident Evil 2
  • Genre: Survival horror
  • Platforms: PlayStation4 system, Xbox One, PC
  • Release Date: January 25, 2019
  • Official Site:

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1 February 2019

TikTok and Sony Pictures Entertainment Team Up on a Promotional Campaign for the Feature Film "Escape Room"


TikTok, the world's leading short form video platform, and Sony Pictures Entertainment have teamed up on a promotional campaign based on the Columbia Pictures hit psychological thriller, Escape Room, as the film continues its international rollout.

For this campaign, Sony Pictures recreated elaborate escape rooms from the film, including the "shrinking room" and the "ice room." The promotional partnership officially kicked off last week in Madrid, Spain, where Sony Pictures and TikTok co-hosted a "Creator Event" for 30 leading influencers from over 17 countries, as well as TikTok's "creators" from eight countries: UK, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia and Spain.

Sony Pictures recreated elaborate escape rooms from the film, including the "shrinking room" and the "ice room"
Sony Pictures recreated elaborate escape rooms from the film, including the "shrinking room" and the "ice room"
Both groups participated in escape room challenges and recorded their experiences generating over 75+ pieces of content. TikTok's "creators" included the exceptional magician @magicsingh, comedian Karol Konk @karolkonk and the talented makeup artist and body painter @vickybanham, who all shared their experiences with their fans and on the Official Escape Room Movie TikTok page.

The event ended with massive scavenger hunt, exploring Madrid's prominent landmarks, solving puzzles and photographing and sampling local Spanish tapas. The prize for the winning team was a special fan screening of the film in their local markets.

Sony Pictures recreated elaborate escape rooms from the film, including the "shrinking room" and the "ice room"
Sony Pictures recreated elaborate escape rooms from the film, including the "shrinking room" and the "ice room"

TikTok's collaboration with Sony Pictures is their largest, international promotional partnership with a Hollywood studio to date.
TikTok users can now follow the creators and the Escape Room official page @escaperoommovie to experience the excitement of the much-anticipated hit film. 

Escape Room
Escape Room
Escape Room is a psychological thriller about six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to find the clues or die. Directed by Adam Robitel, the screenplay is by Bragi Schut and Maria Melnik and the story by Bragi Schut. The film is produced by Neal H. Moritz and Ori Marmur. Rebecca Rivo serves as executive producer. The film stars Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine, Nik Dodani and with Yorick van Wageningen.

"TikTok's community interests and demographic are perfectly in line with Escape Room's audience and we are thrilled to team up with Sony Pictures. This collaboration allows us to offer a unique experience to some of our fabulous "creators" but, most importantly, to create exciting and engaging content for our global community," said Stefan Heinrich, Head of Global Marketing at TikTok.
"An innovative and immersive thriller like Escape Room makes for a perfect collaboration with global innovators like TikTok. With Sony Pictures Spain creating the live experience in Madrid, based on the movie, the TikTok creators were able to generate their own fun and shareable UGC for their followers and spread their excitement about the film," said Sal Ladestro, Executive Vice President of International Marketing for Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Escape Room debuts in U.K. cinemas on the 1st of February and it's the latest of Sony Pictures' successful genre film releases, which also include the Insidious franchise and Searching.


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20 November 2018

Zoic Studios Options Horror Novel "Snowblind", Hires Writer for Feature Adaptation

"Snowblind" - Book Cover
"Snowblind" - Book Cover
Emmy Award-winning entertainment company Zoic Studios has optioned New York Times best-selling author Christopher Golden's horror novel Snowblind to adapt for a feature film. 
Up-and-coming female screenwriter Amber Alexander is attached to pen the screenplay, with Golden and Pete Donaldson (FallenMr Higgins Comes Home) attached to produce alongside Zoic Studios.
The deal marks Zoic Studios' first foray into content development, with founding partners Chris Jones and Loni Peristere spearheading the creative development of Snowblind, which is the first of a slated 12 projects optioned by Zoic. 
Peristere has served as a co-executive producer and director on the hit Cinemax series Banshee. He has also directed for the FX hit series American Horror Story, Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, as well as the upcoming Cinemax series Warrior.
Snowblind peers into the small New England town of Coventry as they weather a blizzard unlike the many thousands they've seen before. Families are torn apart, and the town will never be the same.
The book has received widespread acclaim, including praise from Stephen King, noting, "Snowblind is instantly involving and deeply scary. It will bring a blizzard to your bones (and your heart), even in the middle of July. Throw away all those old 'it was a dark and stormy night' novels; this one is the real deal."
"I'm incredibly proud and humbled by the success of our company and Zoic's plan was to always evolve into creative producers of content. Snowblind is the first of many exciting projects on our developing slate. Not only is it fantastic source material, but we are thrilled to be working with Amber," says Zoic Co-Founder/Executive Creative Director Chris Jones.
The project and writer were brought on by Samantha Shear, who recently joined the team in Los Angeles as VP of Development and will continue to shepherd the project. Shear has nearly two decades of experience as a development executive and producer, having developed and sold projects to MTV, Syfy, Sony and Lifetime, among others. 
Shear is currently developing the project CRENSHAW, based on the novel by Katherine Applegate at Fox with James Mangold to direct.
"Chris and Loni have fostered an incredible filmmaker-friendly studio here at Zoic and I'm beyond thrilled to be a part of the team of many talented artists that will help in bringing Chris Golden's haunting thriller to cinematic life," says Shear.
Christopher Golden is the New York Times best-selling, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of such novels as Ararat, Snowblind, Dead Ringers and the upcoming The Pandora Room, among dozens of others. With Mike Mignola (Hellboy), he co-created two cult favorite Dark Horse comic book series, Baltimore and Joe Golem: Occult Detective
Golden is also a screenwriter, producer, editor and lecturer and has numerous projects in development, including Talent, based on Golden's graphic novel co-written by Tom Sniegoski. The adaptation is set up at Sony Pictures with Neal Moritz and Boom! Studios producing.
Amber Alexander is a graduate of UCLA's professional program in screenwriting, where she was nominated for the Nate Wilson Award for 'Best Screenplay of the Year.' Alexander was recently selected to participate in The Black List's annual Feature Writers Lab. She was one of only seven writers selected from over 1,200 applicants. In the Lab, she worked with Industry Professionals to develop her spec screenplay JUNIPER'S POINT
Zoic has previously created VFX for top TV series (Game of ThronesThe Walking DeadManiac, Marvel's The Defenders, and Firefly) as well as feature films (Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Grey, Big Eyes) and commercial projects.

More About 'Snowblind':
(Via GoodReads)
In Christopher Golden’s first horror novel in more than a decade--a work reminiscent of early Stephen King--Snowblind updates the ghost story for the modern age.

The small New England town of Coventry had weathered a thousand blizzards...but never one like this. Icy figures danced in the wind and gazed through children's windows with soul-chilling eyes. People wandered into the whiteout and were never seen again. Families were torn apart, and the town would never be the same.

Now, as a new storm approaches twelve years later, the folks of Coventry are haunted by the memories of that dreadful blizzard and those who were lost in the snow. Photographer Jake Schapiro mourns his little brother, Isaac, even as-tonight-another little boy is missing. Mechanic and part-time thief Doug Manning's life has been forever scarred by the mysterious death of his wife, Cherie, and now he’s starting over with another woman and more ambitious crimes. Police detective Joe Keenan has never been the same since that night, when he failed to save the life of a young boy . . . and the boy’s father vanished in the storm only feet away. And all the way on the other side of the country, Miri Ristani receives a phone call . . . from a man who died twelve years ago.

As old ghosts trickle back, this new storm will prove to be even more terrifying than the last.
Christopher Golden
Christopher Golden (image via
More About Christopher Golden:
Christopher Golden is the award-winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and (with Tim Lebbon) The Map of Moments. He has also written books for teens and young adults, including Poison Ink, Soulless, and the thriller series Body of Evidence, honored by the New York Public Library and chosen as one of YALSA’s Best Books for Young Readers. Upcoming teen novels include a new series of hardcover YA fantasy novels co-authored with Tim Lebbon and entitled The Secret Journeys of Jack London.

A lifelong fan of the “team-up,” Golden frequently collaborates with other writers on books, comics, and scripts. In addition to his recent work with Tim Lebbon, he co-wrote the lavishly illustrated novel Baltimore, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire with Mike Mignola. With Thomas E. Sniegoski, he is the co-author of multiple novels, as well as comic book miniseries such as Talent and The Sisterhood, both currently in development as feature films. With Amber Benson, Golden co-created the online animated series Ghosts of Albion and co-wrote the book series of the same name.

As an editor, he has worked on the short story anthologies The New Dead and British Invasion, among others, and has also written and co-written comic books, video games, screenplays, the online animated series Ghosts of Albion (with Amber Benson) and a network television pilot.

The author is also known for his many media tie-in works, including novels, comics, and video games, in the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Angel, and X-Men, among others.

Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family. His original novels have been published in fourteen languages in countries around the world.
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3 November 2018

L.A. Comic Con Births New Film Genre With "ZombieCON" Screening

"ZombieCON" - Poster
"ZombieCON" - Poster
"ANI-Fi" was born on Oct. 27, 20185 p.m., at Los Angeles Comic Con, Room 306, with the showing of Big Squid Productions' in association with MewNowTV's groundbreaking feature film "ZombieCON: Cosplayers Stuck in a Zombie Apocalypse of Anime Proportions" - and ''anime proportions" couldn't be more bang on. 
"ZombieCON," America's live-action take on what would be a "Highschool of the Dead" for the West, awed a packed Con audience, which roared with laughter, gripped their seats in terror and teared up when ... NO SPOILERS. 
"ZombieCON" - Still from the movie
"ZombieCON" - Still from the movie
It was an amazing ride complete with rocking music, exciting editing, incredible acting and, for the first in a long time, a completely fresh story. 
This "Kill Bill" meets "insert any badass Anime" feature film can only be categorized in its own unique genre. Hence, the birth of "ANI-Fi," or "Anime/Film," a genre of film which expertly blends all the staples, characters, arcs and beats of an anime with those of a typical Hollywood film - but in a completely original story/world.
"ZombieCON" does exactly that and with a cinematic style that looks more like a film shot by Roger Deakins than a sub-$100,000 budget indie. This inventive "ANI-Fi" feature changes the game.
"ZombieCON" - Still from the movie
"ZombieCON" - Still from the movie
Nominated for Best Director, Best Ensemble and Winner of The Indie Spirit Award with a working copy (incomplete version of the film) at Orlando Film Festival two weekends ago, "ZombieCON" came into L.A. Comic Con and did not disappoint. 
Playing to a standing-room-only crowd of Con-goers, some of which had been following the "ZombieCON" team for the last three years and others they met that CON weekend, the room was electric - all leaving with swag bags and a truly one-of-a-kind movie experience.
Completed by a 40-minute Q&A with the director and actors following the screening, some excited fans stayed even longer getting gifted "ZombieCON" signed T-shirts and grabbing selfies with these new stars until building staff had to usher everyone out for closing.
"ZombieCON" - The Panelists
"ZombieCON" - The Panelists
In the end, the inevitable birth of this genre "ANI-Fi" was delivered exactly as it should be: To an excited crowd of cosplayers, comic, pop culture and anime enthusiasts, playing primetime at the celebrated (more than 90,000 attended) Los Angeles Comic Con, complete with friends and fans old and new.
Check out more about "ZombieCONCosplayers Stuck in a Zombie Apocalypse of Anime Proportions" at and be on the lookout for this groundbreaking "ANI-Fi" film. 
"ZombieCON" -The Rocket’s Rockets
"ZombieCON" -The Rocket’s Rockets
More About "ZombieCON The Movie":
(Plot Outline - via
"Suffocating under the daily oppression of LA assholes and closed-minded society, it’s a battle for the cosplaying group of best friends the Rocket’s Rockets just to be able to do what they love.

Squaring off against former best friend turned arch rival Zander (leader of conniving team Zander Rulz) at a small regional con’s masquerade competition, only one group can win the gold…but little known to both groups, the real war is about to begin.

Team rivalries and assholes become child’s play when a fated encounter changes the course of human existence forever.

An oddball mystic and the gift of a mysterious rock set in motion a Zombie apocalypse of anime proportions, and events that will forever change Rocket and the Rocket’s Rockets…

Will the Rocket’s Rockets be able to traverse a crumbling Los Angeles overrun with undead assholes and save Mom?

Cosplay gets too real this 2018."
"ZombieCONCosplayers Stuck in a Zombie Apocalypse of Anime Proportions" - Trailer:

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