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12 December 2014

Wolf Paintings


Wolf paintings are among some of the more popular of wildlife art. It may be a portrait of a single wolf or of the pack or a mother with her pups. The most popular of the aforementioned are lone wolf paintings.

There is something mystical about this animal that seems to summon different feelings from people that no other type of art does. That may be because these creatures have been feared for so long and not understood.

14 October 2013

Book Tour: 'The Howling Heart' By April Bostic [Giveaway Included]



Today's Book Tour is for "The Howling Heart" by April Bostic. It's a paranormal romance that delves into the mystical world of werewolves and Norse gods... All the good stuff, really. 

Loup Dargent

PS: Don't forget to enter the Giveaway! 

25 March 2013

Book Tour: 'Trinity' by Clare Davidson

Today's Book Tour is for 'Trinity', an epic fantasy novel and Clare Davidson's first book. 
Lots of stuff to go through, with info about the book and its author as well as an excerpt from the novel and a guest post written by Clare Davidson herself about Avatar (the animated series, not the movie). 

On a more personal note, publishing the above mentioned guest post on here has somehow helped reinforce my position as a cool Dad in my son's eyes in the process (Avatar is one of his favourite TV series...) So, many many thanks to Clare for that too!

Today's Book Tour also gave us a golden opportunity to re-open our (quite neglected for far too long) wolf related category at last... yep, definitely another thing to be thankful for!

(Wow! Today seems to be a day with quite a few win/win situations for me. Cool!)


Loup Dargent

29 December 2012

The One About Dr Michael Wolf And The Gateway Treatment To Summon Aliens


It’s impossible to define or even try and explain the late Dr. Michael Wolf. I knew this less than five minutes after I first spoke with him on the phone over twenty years ago. If I had to define Wolf in one statement, I would say that he was one of the most well-connected U.S. Government Insiders that I ever met.

My association with Wolf began after my friend and fellow paranormal researcher, Dick Criswell, told me about him and offered an introduction by phone in the late 1980s. Although I was initially skeptical of Wolf’s claims regarding UFOs and his government insider status, those concerns vanished after our first conversation. I found him to be intelligent, knowledgeable and easily able to answer most any question that I threw his way.

17 July 2011

Oh Smurf! Looks Like The FBI Has Finally Caught Up With Me

You thought that I was one of the good guys, didn't you?
Well, according to an email I've recently received from the FBI, it appears that I've been fooling you (and myself as well in the process) all along and that  I'm actually a very bad wolf, a potential fraudster and... wait for it... even a possible terrorist.

Now, that definitely makes Rupert Murdoch look like an angel compared to me... Yikes!

10 July 2010

Doctor Who: 'Tooth and Claw' or 'The Origins of Torchwood'

'Tooth and Claw' - Someone is having a bad hair day...
'Tooth and Claw' - Someone is having a bad hair day...
With the news of Torchwood returning soon(ish) to our TV screens (for more details and info, see the related links at the end of this post), we thought that, while we're waiting for the Big Event, we might as well do some time travelling of our own and take you back to when (and finding out the reasons why in the process) Torchwood was originally founded...

Oh yes, the Torchwood Institute existed loooooong before the Doctor Who TV Series was even created. Never mind the good old story conveniently spread around about Torchwood being an anagram of Doctor Who and that's what gave the idea of the Torchwood story, etc... It's only a cover up, more or less like the one telling us that Santa Claus doesn't exist. See what I mean?

It's all in the Doctor Who's 'Tooth and Claw' episode (second episode of Series Two, to be precise...) anyway. So, if you haven't watched it yet, now might be a good time to do so. 

Plus, it's one of those episodes when Rose Tyler was still the Doctor's companion (aaaah, those were the days)...

Today's post is filled with opportunities that I couldn't humanely pass even if I wanted to... Not only we have both timely opportunities to refresh our memory about Torchwood's history and populate the almost neglected "It's a Wolf Thing" Category in the process, but we also have the golden opportunity to see our favorite chav, Rose Tyler, once again (and, I don't mean only Billie Piper's pictures either, nope, we have a video-clip with her in it as well)... How's that for value for money?


Loup Dargent

'Tooth and Claw' - "I do look good with glasses. Maybe I should wear a bow tie as well. Hmm, perhaps another time..."
'Tooth and Claw' - "I do look good with glasses. Maybe I should wear a bow tie as well. Hmm, perhaps another time..."

'The Origins of Torchwood' aka the 'Tooth and Claw' episode
In 'Tooth and Claw', the Tardis is back to its goold old self and, instead of taking The Doctor and Rose to Sheffield 1979 (so that they could see Ian Dury and the Blockheads live in concert), it takes them to Scotland... in 1879.

That's also when Queen Victoria is expected to visit Sir Robert McLeash and his wife at their house, the Torchwood Estate...

But It looks like the Tardis, didn't bring the Time Lord and his companion to that time and place by accident: There have previously been a possible assassinat attempt against the monarch and the Torchwood Estate has been taken over by a cult's members who have some rather sinister plans for Queen Victoria and the British empire...

'Tooth and Claw' - Rose... in a cage.
'Tooth and Claw' - Rose... in a cage.

Some nice little treats

  • Rose (probably) making the guards' day with her "nakedness
  • Rose in a cage (well, it worked for some of us) 
  • Some Kung-Fu fighting during the taking over of the Torchwood Institute
  • A Were-Wolf and a full moon
  • A rather interesting and funny joke about the modern British Royal Family

'Tooth and Claw' - "Have you got rats in your attic?"
'Tooth and Claw' - "Have you got rats in your attic?"

What's on the continuity front

  • The werewolf's host saw a ‘wolf’ inside Rose (reference to "Bad Wolf" in Season One)
  • The 10th Doctor called himself James McCrimmon, (the full name of one of his previous companions)
  • The Time Lord took credit for crashing Skylab in 1979.

The origins of Torchwood

What we learn in the "Tooth and Claw" episode is that Queen Victoria was actually not amused at all with the way The Doctor has been dealing with the events and, seing him as a threat to the British Empire and her world, (she has seen now that Great Britain has enemies beyond imagination and must defend its borders on all sides) she decided to found the Torchwood Institute.
"There shall be an institute, who shall investigate these occurrences and to fight them. It shall be christened after the house, the Torchwood Institute and should the Doctor ever return then he should beware, because Torchwood will be waiting…" 
Talk about royal ingratitude... Wow! 

Tooth and Claw' - "Wow, that's a big one!"
'Tooth and Claw' - "Wow, that's a big one!"
'Tooth and Claw' - a great Doctor Who episode, written by Russell T. Davies and directed by Euros Lyn. With David Tennant as "The Tenth Doctor", Billie Piper as "Rose Tylerand Pauline Collins as "Queen Victoria".

27 August 2009

HorrorMovie Time: The Mad Monster (1942)

Cover of Cover of The Mad Monster

Dr. Cameron (George Zucco) has succeeded
in his experiments with a serum which will turn
a man into a wolf-like monster and is ready to
avenge himself on the men who caused his
professional failure...

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